Obama gets in your Facebook

This is a great example of a website thinking outside of the usual parameters of publishing, and building an alliance that bridges the gap between breaking news and social networking.

THE inauguration of president-elect Barack Obama promises to be the biggest online social networking event ever early tomorrow morning (AEST time).

CNN.com and Facebook are linking up so anyone can make a comment on the CNN website about the coverage, and have that comment dynamically featured on their Facebook page, US-based Mediaweek reports.

CNN.com Live will stream live footage. A mini-Facebook window which will be integrated on screen so that those who comment can see responses from their friends on Facebook.

In addition, as users make comments while watching the inauguration on CNN.com, their profiles on Facebook.com will be instantly updated—along with links carrying the phrase “via CNN.com Live”, potentially driving more viewership, said CNN.

“We’re building the technical infrastructure for the possibility that this may be the most watched event ever on the Internet,” said CNN.com president KC Estenson.

CNN has signed several of its top advertisers to sponsor the event, reports Mediaweek. During breaks in its webcast, CNN.com Live will run video ad spots, as well as adjacent banner ads.


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