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The online newspaper, 1981 style

February 27, 2009

WE’VE been forwarded this classic video about the original online newspaper in 1981 – it’s worth a look for a bit of nostalgia and a laugh.

Our favourite part was the fact they identify the user as “Home Computer Owner”. It was also interesting to know that they thought monetising the medium was a challenge 28 years ago too!

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Adobe gets deeper into mobile space

February 17, 2009

A MAJOR supplier to the newspaper industry, Adobe Software, has announced a slew of new products and initiatives. While not all of them affect the core area of newspaper production, the company is getting more closely involved in mobile phone applications.

I recommend you pay attention to this, as Adobe is a trusted and long-time supplier to many newspaper companies in the region, and its strategy and advice on the direction of mobile applications, and how they might embrace a business model for publishers, would be worth seeking at some point.

Mark Hollands

ADOBE and Palm announced that they are working together to deliver Flash Player 10 on the new Palm webOS platform to enable users to benefit from a more complete web experience on their phone.

The collaboration is the result of Palm joining the Open Screen Project. Flash Player 10 for smartphones is expected to be available to handset manufacturers at the end of 2009.

Adobe has announced Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player, new, over-the-air mobile runtime enabling developers and content providers to create and directly distribute applications to WiMo and Nokia S60 devices.

Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player is the first step for a direct distribution of the mobile player and a runtime that is updatable over the air, a vision set by the OSP. The player is launched as a beta in the U.S., Spain, Italy and India, is already supported by a series of content aggregators and developers.

Adobe’s Reader Mobile SDK, a software development kit has been released. It is designed to enable companies to deliver mobile devices that can easily download, manage and display PDF content and eBooks.

The new software engine delivers reflowable PDF technology, Adobe content protection technology, as well as the EPUB file format, the XML-based eBook standard.

The SDK is available today and several companies also announced plans to ship devices that integrate the technology including Bookeen, iRex Technologies, Lexcycle, Plastic Logic, Polymer Vision, and Springs Designs. Sony already integrates the engine in the Sony Reader.

Obama gets in your Facebook

January 20, 2009

This is a great example of a website thinking outside of the usual parameters of publishing, and building an alliance that bridges the gap between breaking news and social networking.

THE inauguration of president-elect Barack Obama promises to be the biggest online social networking event ever early tomorrow morning (AEST time). and Facebook are linking up so anyone can make a comment on the CNN website about the coverage, and have that comment dynamically featured on their Facebook page, US-based Mediaweek reports. Live will stream live footage. A mini-Facebook window which will be integrated on screen so that those who comment can see responses from their friends on Facebook.

In addition, as users make comments while watching the inauguration on, their profiles on will be instantly updated—along with links carrying the phrase “via Live”, potentially driving more viewership, said CNN.

“We’re building the technical infrastructure for the possibility that this may be the most watched event ever on the Internet,” said president KC Estenson.

CNN has signed several of its top advertisers to sponsor the event, reports Mediaweek. During breaks in its webcast, Live will run video ad spots, as well as adjacent banner ads.

The $300 newspaper website

November 18, 2008

IT’S not easy for smaller newspaper publishers to keep up with the digital times – particularly those independents among you who don’t have a template website to use such as Fairfax’s YourGuide pages or News Ltd’s WhereILive, writes Brett Taylor, Editorial Coordinator, PANPA.

But using technology that is freely available, your online presence doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to implement.

If you’ve been paying close attention to PANPA’s new website and these blogs, you’ll have seen that we’ve done two things.

We’ve launched a website at that hosts all our static pages, and we’ve created a series of blogs on the WordPress blogging system. The beauty is, through a bit of coding by Realview (a member of ours) who built our new site, the content on the WordPress blogs automatically feeds straight onto the main website.


Google not beyond hiring freeze

November 5, 2008

AN interesting post has popped up on the CNBC website – the guys who produce the best financial shows on the planet (IMHO), writes Mark Hollands. Its reporter and anchor, David Faber, says that the icon of the modern media age, Google, has implemented a hiring freeze. Perhaps it’s not quite the doom and gloom message of other media but it illustrates that no firm is immune from the challenges of the media industry and the economy.

Even hiring at “secretarial level” had been stopped, according to unnamed executives to whom Faber spoke.

A company spokesman at Google dismissed suggestions there was any formal policy to stop hiring. In the US, Google has been one of the most aggressive hirers in the past five years with a workforce of that now stands at more than 20,000. Sounding like any other Mahogany Row under cost pressure, management said vacancies could be filled only with internal candidates, according to Faber.

Google’s YouTube is not going so flash, apparently. In many media reports, advertisers have expressed concerns about the sorts of videos their advertisements will be displayed alongside. Clearly, agencies and their clients are concerned about the potential impact on their brands should they advertise alongside pornography, violence and all manner of other activities captured on YouTube. So, for the moment at least, YouTube has some more selling to do.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt hinted at a slowdown in hiring during his Q3 fiscal report to the market. Google won’t be heading for the poor house any time soon. This morning, its stock finished north by more than $20 or 5.9 percent to stand at a shade under $US367. And the new building which will house the company in Sydney – just a stone-throw across a small park from Fairfax Media in Darling Harbour – is pretty much finished, too, with only an internal fit-out to be done. It is said by the construction company to be Sydney’s first “six-star” office building (whatever that means). For the full NBC story, go to