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News Digital to sell Aussie ads on WSJ site

January 21, 2009

AUSTRALIAN visitors to some of News Corp‘s biggest online brands will now see local ads after News Digital Media (NDM) became their exclusive online sales representative in this region.

The NDM team can now add space on newspaper websites,, and, as well as business sites and, to their portfolio of content vehicles.

“The Wall Street Journal is the world’s most respected and recognised financial news source. Combining this with The Times business pages and our recently relaunched Australian Business website, News Digital Media now has one of the most attractive online business products in the market,” said Ed Smith, NDM chief commercial officer.


New tools help online ads hit the target

December 1, 2008

NEWS Digital Media (NDM) has launced a two-pronged strategy to improve its advertising service, coinciding with News Ltd announcing a special creative book to boost sales in the print side of the business.

NDM’s Audience Targeting and Contextual Targeting tools are “two powerful advertising targeting initiatives created to help advertisers connect with their target audience”, the online publisher said in a statement.

Audience Targeting tracks a reader’s browser history to segment them into categories that are useful to advertisers, such as ‘health conscious’, ‘parents’, ‘small businesses’ and ‘media savvy’.

NDM would work with advertisers to develop more segments as demand dictated, the company said.

Contextual Targeting relates advertising to the content it would appear in conjunction with. Advertisers can target desirable readers by nominating certain meta data – background information within articles and other content such as key words and headlines.

A hybrid car manufacturer could primarily appear next to articles about global warming and climate change, for example. Alternatively, the tool could be used in an exclusive application, such as preventing a car ad from appearing next to any stories about car accidents.