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Gaza conflict drives new media use

January 8, 2009

LIKE the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks before it, the Israeli-Gaza conflict is emerging as a testing ground for the use of new media and social networking as reporting tools.


The development of new trends in communication is being accelerated by crisis events such as those aforementioned in the Middle East and India, and closer to home, Queensland’s wild weather late last year (as I discussed here).

When information is limited, access is restricted and timing is critical, the use of tools such as Twitter and blogs is a necessity – not a novelty – for journalists trying to know what is going on at ground level.

The has brought together a summary of who is using what in the current Middle Eastern conflict, from journalists trying to access new sources of information, to the combatants turning to social networks to win the public relations battle while fighting under the world’s spotlight.

If your job is to keep on top of digital communication trends, it is worth a read.