Seeing the silver light

Of the myriad of technologies designed to improve web publishing, the ongoing improvements of Microsoft’s Silverlight software have caught the eye recently, writes Mark Hollands.

Our newspaper printers first stumbled on the tech a few months ago, fascinated by its capabilities for storage and retrieval of photographs. A Fairfax print executive found a video on YouTube and it instigated so much excitement that Microsoft evangelist Shane Morris presented on it at PANPA08. The original video is embedded below. It’s impressive.

But there’s more. Shane’s conference show-and-tell at PANPA08 proved to be way ahead of what the printers saw on YouTube. Check out this video, on the blog of Michael Kodahi, another Microsoft guru. It highlights the power of Deepzoom, a subset technology of Silverlight, for a digital newspaper, using the Sydney Morning Herald as an example.

Microsoft has been developing Deepzoom to create exciting ways of publishing photographs and advertising images online. There’s no point in me trying to explain it, when Kordahi’s video demonstrates the reality.

I recommend you stick with the video until one of the programmers starts getting into banking applications – gets a bit ho-hum for me then.

Certainly, you should watch the clever editorial applications, which are then put into the shade by a demonstration of a Dolce Gabana online ad. The possibilities for innovative online ad solutions will be obvious. Your challenge might be to find a client with the guts to go for it.

If you have checked out both videos, then a quick explanation about the product names. Seadragon features in the first video. Microsoft bought that technology subsequently and has called it Deepzoom and grouped it with its Silverlight technology direction.

Not every technology gets to market successfully – regardless of its brilliance. So, the emerging Silverlight may never shine its light on the online world. Betting against Microsoft, by and large, is not a winning strategy. Many thanks Michael Kordahi for making the video. He’s a very interesting guy in this space.


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